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How To Delete Appointments in iPad’s Calendar

The Calendar app on iPad is an electronic datebook that helps you track activities and appointments. You can delete (remove) appointments from iPad’s calendar when needed. For example, if an upcoming luncheon or meeting is canceled, you should delete the appointment from your iPad calendar.

Appointments and events in Calendar can be reviewed by the day, week, or month. When appointments change, you can edit them. When appointments are cancelled, you can cancel them. If an appointment or event repeats at a regular interval, you can choose whether to cancel the entire series of appointments, or a single one.

1With Calendar open, tap an event. Then tap the Edit button on the information bar that appears.

The Edit dialog opens; it displays the details of the appointment.

2Tap the Delete Event button.

Confirming options appear.

3If this is a repeating event, indicate whether to delete this instance only, or all future instances of the event.

The event is deleted and you returned to Calendar view.

If an event is moved but not canceled, you don’t have to delete the old one and create a new one. Instead, you can simply edit the event to change the day and time in the Edit Event dialog.