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For Seniors: Dealing with an Unresponsive iPad

An unresponsive iPad can be a pretty frustrating thing. Whether the problem is an iPad that won’t turn on, freezes in the middle of an app, or loses sound, you don’t have to pound your fists in frustration. Often, the fix is something simple and easy to implement.

How to revive a dead or frozen iPad

If your iPad goes dead on you, it’s most likely a power issue, so the first thing to do is to plug the Dock Connector to USB Cable into the 10W USB Power Adapter, plug the 10W USB Power Adapter into a wall outlet, plug the other end of the Dock Connector to USB Cable into your iPad, and charge the battery.


Another thing to try — if you believe that an app is hanging up the iPad — is to press the Sleep/Wake button for a couple of seconds. Then press and hold the Home button. The app you were using should close.

You can always try the old reboot procedure, too — a process that restarts the iPad. Press the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider is displayed. Drag the slider to turn off your iPad. After a few moments, press the Sleep/Wake button to boot (restart) the little guy again.

If the situation seems drastic and none of these ideas work, try to reset your iPad. To do this, press the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time until the Apple logo appears onscreen.

How to make the iPad keyboard reappear

When you’re using a Bluetooth keyboard, your onscreen keyboard doesn’t appear. The physical keyboard has, in essence, co-opted keyboard control of your iPad. To use your onscreen keyboard after connecting a Bluetooth keyboard, turn off the Bluetooth keyboard by turning off Bluetooth in the iPad’s General settings, or by moving the keyboard out of range. Your onscreen keyboard should reappear.

How to restore the sound on an iPad

If the sound on your iPad suddenly stops working, there are several things you can try.

  • Make sure that you haven’t accidentally touched the volume control keys, and turned the sound down. The volume controls are located on the right side of the top row of your wireless keyboard or keyboard dock. Be sure not to touch one and inadvertently reduce the volume.


  • Make sure you haven’t flipped the Silent switch. If you have the Screen Rotation/Silent switch set up to the Silent feature, moving this switch mutes sound on the iPad.


  • Make sure that the speaker isn’t covered up. It may be covered in a way that muffles the sound.

  • Make sure that a headset isn’t plugged in. Sound doesn’t play over the iPad’s speaker and the headset at the same time.

  • Make sure that the volume limit is set to Off. You can set up the volume limit in the iPad settings to control how loudly your iPod app can play. Tap the Settings icon on the Home screen and then, on the left side of the screen that displays, tap iPod and use the Volume Limit controls to turn off the volume limit.


When all else fails, reboot. Just press the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears. Press and drag the slider to the right. After the iPad turns off, press the Sleep/Wake button again until the Apple logo appears, and you may find yourself back in business, sound-wise.