For Seniors: Adjust the Volume in iPod - dummies

For Seniors: Adjust the Volume in iPod

You play audio (music, podcasts, and audiobooks) on your iPad 2 using the iPod app. While the audio is playing, you can adjust the volume to a comfortable listening level.

In addition to being able to adjust the volume in iPod, during playback you can skip to the next or previous item, and even skip through the playback if you like. When needed, you can pause the playback for a while and then restart it at that same point.

  1. With iPod open, tap on a piece of music, a podcast, or an audiobook to play it.

    The item begins playing, and playback controls appear.

  2. Press and drag the button on the Volume slider to the right for more volume or to the left for less volume.


    The controls in the middle allow you to control the playback. The first control plays the previous item, while the last control plays the next item. The control in the middle of the set of three pauses the playback or resumes it, if the playback is currently paused.

If the volume is set high and you’re still having trouble hearing, consider getting a headset. It cuts out extraneous noises and may improve the sound quality of what you’re listening to, as well as adding stereo to iPad’s mono speaker. A 3.5mm stereo headphone is compatible; insert it in the headphone jack at the top of your iPad.