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Finding a Restaurant with Your iPad

With the Internet and maps at your fingertips, why not use your iPad to find food? Here is a selection of some the available intriguing restaurant listing iPad apps for you to explore:

  • bEVegetarian: Do you avoid meat in your diet? If so, check out the free bEVegetarian-Vegetarian Restaurants app. Look for vegetarian restaurants worldwide as well as vegetarian recipes and information about the vegetarian lifestyle.


  • ZAGAT TO GO: This one is a bit pricey but provides a wealth of information and ratings from a reliable source. You also get maps and menus from major restaurants and chains around the world.

  • Michelin Guide Restaurants: Michelin is kind of the gold standard in restaurant rating systems, so if you are a serious world traveler and gourmet, you can appreciate its insights into the quality of food, specialties of the house, hours, and even the name of the chef.

  • Where to Eat?: A poor man’s Michelin can be found in Where to Eat?, an app that has been reworked for iPads. Search for the closest restaurants anywhere you are in the world, find the cuisine you’re looking for, and customize searches.

If you want to find a restaurant with available Wi-Fi, try WiFiGet HD. This very handy app helps you spot Hotspots even if you’re not connected to the Internet.

If you’re concerned about your waistline, here are a few more helpful food-oriented apps:

  • allows you to view restaurant menus and get and give recommendations to Facebook friends.

  • Fast Food Calories Hunter can help you control how many calories you ingest with your fast food meal.

  • Restaurant Nutrition shows you carbohydrates, calories, and fat for more than 80 chain restaurants.