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Find Restaurants with the ZAGAT TO GO iPad App

The ZAGAT TO GO app for iPad offers restaurant reviews compiled by professional editors based on customer surveys, and in an age where budget-constrained newspapers are cutting back on local coverage like restaurant reviews, ZAGAT is the kind of resource that will only become more valuable as time goes on.

ZAGAT is one of the most comprehensive restaurant guides on the planet, and this hybrid iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad app gives you access to thousands of restaurant reviews, a GPS-enabled restaurant locator, the ability to search for restaurants according to multiple criteria, and more. This is definitely a must-have app for foodies, and unlike the print version (once you buy it), the app is constantly updated with new reviews.

Because ZAGAT is not a crowd-sourced guide, its reviews are limited to major metropolitan areas. That means you should check to make sure the areas where you’re intending to use it are actually covered.

ZAGAT TO GO allows you to pick a city or use your iPad’s Location Services to determine your current location. The interface itself is almost entirely dominated by a Google Maps display of the area, with ZAGAT-reviewed restaurants highlighted with Z pins. Tap a pin, and a pane at the top of the screen will give you basic information about the place, including its name, food, décor, and service ratings on a scale of 0–30, along with the average cost of a meal (including one drink and a tip). You’ll also find the beginning of the ZAGAT review, which will often be enough to let you know if you want to eat there.


The full-screen workup on the restaurant includes the hours of operation, features of the restaurant, address and phone number, an e-mail link, and the ability to drop the contact information directly to your iPad’s Address Book.

If you don’t want to browse restaurants from a map, tap the icon that looks like six little boxes at the bottom of the screen to browse local restaurants in list form. You can sort by food, décor, and service ratings, by cost, or alphabetically. Just swipe the screen to go to the next page, and tap any of the eight listings on each page to get the full-screen workup.

Note that you’ll need a connection to the Internet to make the most of this app, as it pulls reviews from the company’s servers. This will ensure you have the very latest information and most up-to-date reviews. You can, however, view reviews in your History and Favorites without a connection.