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Find Nearby Points of Interest with the Wikihood Plus iPad App

Wikihood Plus for iPad is an app that taps into that vast reservoir of (mostly accurate) information known as Wikipedia. Using either your current location or a location you pick, Wikihood Plus tells you what’s nearby, based on the millions of entries in Wikipedia. The creator said his app “intelligently organizes Wikipedia information for any place in the world using advanced semantic data mining.” In other words, the app digs through Wikipedia for you and uses algorithms to sift through that data to show you what’s near you, what’s significant, and how to get there. Building further on the wiki theme, there are thousands of in-app user ratings, too.

Let’s say you’re visiting New York City and are ready to leave from hanging out in Central Park. If you open Wikihood Plus and let it use your current location (you’ll need an Internet connection) it shows you that the Museum of Natural History’s subway stop is nearby (and the museum itself is close, too), and a really cool apartment building (if you like looking at architecture) and the Hayden Planetarium are nearby.


Tap the star to rate the main place described in the main entry — in this case, the Hayden Planetarium.

There are additional tabs on the bottom of the screen, too, that allow you to filter the entries you see relating to a particular location. When you have drilled down to the entry on a specific location, those icons include a link to directions (which takes you to the iPad’s Maps app).

What you can do with it: find nearby sights, landmarks, buildings, shopping destinations, all with links to their Wikipedia entries for in-depth information.