Find a Music Selection for Your iPad - dummies

Find a Music Selection for Your iPad

You can use your iPad to look for a selection in the iTunes Store in several ways. You can use the Search feature, search by genres or categories, or view artists’ pages. Here’s how these work:

  • Search: Tap in the Search field shown in the figure and enter a search term using the onscreen keyboard. Tap the Search button on the keyboard or, if one of the suggestions given appeals to you, just go ahead and tap it.

    Search results are divided into categories such as Songs and Albums. Flick down to scroll through them and find what you need. Tap Cancel to return to the Music selections screen.


  • Category: Tap a category button at the top of the screen, or tap the More button. A list of genres/categories like the one shown appears.


  • Link: On a description page that appears when you tap a selection, you can find more offerings by people involved if you tap the Related tab, as shown.


If you find a selection you like, tap the Share icon on its description page to share your discovery with a friend via Mail, Message, Twitter, or Facebook. A message appears with a link your friend can click to view the selection. Enter an address in the To field and tap Send or Post. Your friend is now in-the-know.

Want to see every option? When displaying items on the Featured tab for any type of content, tap the See All link to see all the featured selections rather than only the top New and Noteworthy selections.