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Explore What’s in the iPad 2 Box

After you purchase an iPad 2, you’ll be left holding a box that contains the iPad itself of course, various hardware, and some paper. So how important is everything?

  • iPad: Your iPad is covered in a thick, plastic sleeve-thingie that you can take off and toss (unless you think there’s a chance you’ll return it, in which case you might want to keep all packaging for 14 days — Apple’s standard return period).

  • Documentation: Notice, under the iPad itself, a small, white envelope about the size of a half-dozen index cards. Open it and you’ll find these items.

    • A tiny pamphlet: This pamphlet, named Important Product Information Guide, is essentially small print (that you mostly don’t need to read) from folks like the FCC.

    • A label sheet: This sheet has two white Apple logos on it. (not sure what they’re for, but you might use one sticker to differentiate your iPad from your spouse’s.)

    • A small card: This card displays a picture of the iPad and callouts to its buttons on one side, and the other side contains brief instructions for setting it up and information about where to find out more.

  • Dock Connector to USB Cable: Use this cord to connect the iPad to your computer, or use it with the last item in the box, USB Power Adapter.


  • 10W USB Power Adapter: The power adapter attaches to the dock connector cord so that you can plug it into the wall and charge the iPad’s battery.

That’s it. That’s all there is in the box. It’s kind of a study in Zen-like simplicity.