Entering Numeric Data in the Numbers App for iPad - dummies

Entering Numeric Data in the Numbers App for iPad

If you want to add or edit data in a cell in iWork’s Numbers for iPad, double-tap the cell. A blue outline appears around the cell, and the keyboard appears so that you can enter data.

The keyboard for entering data into a Numbers cell is a powerful and flexible tool — it’s actually four keyboards in one. Above the keyboard is a formula bar that lets you quickly and easily enter formulas. At the left of the formula bar are four buttons that let you switch from one keyboard to another.

To enter numeric data, tap the button labeled “42.” This pulls up the numeric keyboard. The numeric keyboard has a typical numeric keypad along with four large buttons on the left. These four buttons let you choose the formatting for the cell you’re editing. If you a need symbol (such as stars for ratings or a currency symbol), it will be added before or after the numeric value as is appropriate. Your formatting options are, from top to bottom:


  • Currency: This adds the appropriate currency symbol such as $ or €.

  • Percentage: The percent symbol follows the value.

  • Stars (rating): This lets you display a number from one to five as a star rating. Numbers over five are displayed with five stars.


  • Checkbox: A checkbox is either selected or not. Checkboxes are selected and deselected by a user or as the result of a calculation.

To the right of the keyboard area are three large buttons:

  • Delete: This is the standard keyboard delete button.

  • Next (adjacent): The Next button with the right-pointing arrow inserts the typed data into the selected cell and moves to the next cell to the right.

  • Next (next line): The Next button with the hooked arrow pointing left inserts the typed data and moves to the next line and to the left-most cell in the section of cells you are entering.

When you’re done entering numeric data, tap the Done button to the right of the formula bar.