Editing Table Columns and Rows in iBooks Author - dummies

Editing Table Columns and Rows in iBooks Author

By Galen Gruman

In the iBooks Author Table inspector’s Table pane, you can format and edit columns and rows. In the formatting process, you can add borders and backgrounds and reorder and resize your table’s columns and rows. The Table pane has two basic types of controls available:

  • The cell-formatting controls for borders and fills (which you can also apply to entire rows and columns, if you select the entire row or column)

  • The controls to add, delete, and sort rows and columns

To select a cell, simply click in it; to select multiple cells, Shift-drag across the cells you want to select. To select an entire row or column, choose Format→Table→Select Row or Format→Table→Select Column. You also can choose Select Row or Select Column in the Table pane’s Edit Rows & Columns pop-up menu.

Formatting borders and backgrounds

To apply colors to rows and columns, use these options:

  • Alternating Row Color: Select this option to have iBooks Author apply a fill to every other row in the table. Click the swatch to the left of this option to open the Colors panel, where you can choose a color.

  • Row and column lines: Select a row or column border in the table, and then use the Cell Borders controls to apply a stroke weight and color to the selected line.


You can resize columns and rows in several ways:

  • Select a row or column’s border, and then drag it to resize that row or column.

  • Select any cell in a column or row, and then use the Column Width or Row Height fields or stepper controls in the Text pane to change the size.

  • Select the Automatically Resize to Fit Content option in the Text pane to have rows’ depth increase to fit their text; the cell with the most text determines the row’s overall depth.

Sorting, adding, and deleting

You can use the Edit Rows & Columns pop-up menu to do additional row and column manipulations: sorting, adding, and deleting. You also can access all except the sort options by choosing Format→Table and choosing an option from the submenu that appears:

  • Sort Ascending and Sort Descending

  • Add Row Above, Add Row Below, Add Column Before, and Add Column After

  • Delete Row and Delete Column

You can access one row and column formatting option only by choosing Format→Table and choosing an option from the submenu that appears. The Distribute Rows Evenly and Distribute Columns Evenly menu options even out the spacing for the selected cells’ rows or columns, respectively. If you want to even out the spacing of the entire table’s rows or columns, select the entire table rather than specific cells.