Editing Live Photos on Your iPad - dummies

Editing Live Photos on Your iPad

By Bob LeVitus, Edward C. Baig, Bryan Chaffin

Apple added the ability to edit Live Photos in iOS 11. With some simple controls that look a lot like the editing tools, you can trim the length of a Live Photo, set the keyframe, apply effects, turn off sound, and more.

The biggest difference in editing a Live Photo and a regular photo is setting the keyframe, which is the still you see when you’re not tapping and holding down on a Live Photo. To change the keyframe, tap your Live Photo, and then tap the Edit button in the upper right of the screen. In addition to the familiar editing and filter options at the bottom of the screen, you’ll get a video timeline that might look familiar.

One of the frames in that timeline will have a white square around it. Just tap and drag that square along the timeline until you get a frame you like. When you’ve finished editing, tap Done, and your Live Photo will be represented by its new keyframe.

To mute sound, tap the volume button, as shown on the bottom right of the figure. To convert your Live Photo to a boring old regular photo, tap the Live button on the bottom left. To trim the length of your Live Photo, grab the handles at either end of the timeline and move them where you want them. Otherwise, the editing tools are the same.

Set the keyframe in a Live Photo by sliding the box on the timeline.

Okay, so not all photographs are meant to be seen. Some pictures are meant to be seen. Others, you can’t get rid of fast enough. Fortunately, the iPad makes it a cinch to bury the evidence:

  1. Tap the objectionable photograph.
  2. Tap to display the picture controls, if they’re not already displayed.
  3. Tap the trash icon.
  4. Tap Delete Photo (or tap anywhere else to cancel, if you change your mind).
    In an instant, the photo is mercifully disposed of. It’s also deleted from the iCloud photo library across all your devices.