How to Edit Reminder Details on Your iPad - dummies

How to Edit Reminder Details on Your iPad

By Dwight Spivey

The Reminders app and Cover Sheet (formerly known as Notification Center) features on your iPad warm the hearts of those who need help remembering all the details of their lives. To edit the details of a reminder:

  1. Tap a reminder and then tap the Details button (an i in a circle) to open the Details dialog, shown here.
  2. Tap a Priority — None, Low (!), Medium (!!), or High (!!!) — from the choices that appear.
  3. Tap Notes and enter any notes about the event using the onscreen keyboard.
  4. Tap List and then tap which list you want the reminder saved to, such as your calendar, iCloud, Exchange, or a category of reminders that you’ve created. Tap Details to return to the Details screen.
  5. Tap Done to save the task.

Priority settings display the associated number of exclamation points on a task in a list to remind you of its importance.