Delete Pictures from Your iPad - dummies

Delete Pictures from Your iPad

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

Not all photographs are meant to be seen. Some you can’t get rid of them fast enough. Fortunately, the iPad makes it a cinch to bury the evidence:

  • Deleting photos in the Saved Photos or Camera Roll albums or Photo Stream: Some pictures, namely those you saved from an e-mail or web page and that now reside in the aptly named Saved Photos album (original iPad). Camera Roll album (iPad 2 and third-generation iPad), or Photo Stream are easy to dispose of.

    Just tap the soon-to-be-whacked picture to open it, and then tap the Trash icon that appears in the upper-right corner when you summon picture controls. To finish the job, tap the big red Delete Photo button. Or, tap anywhere else on the screen if you have second thoughts and decide to keep the picture on your iPad.

    If you dispose of images in Photo Stream, the images will be removed from the Photo Stream on all your devices.

  • Deleting multiple photos in Saved Photos, Camera Roll, or Photo Stream: When the Saved Photos, Camera Roll, or Photo Stream albums are open, tap the Action button in the upper-right corner and a red Delete button appears in the upper-left corner of the screen.

    Now tap each photo that you want to get rid of; a check mark appears on each one. When you’ve identified the doomed bunch, tap Delete Selected Photos, or tap Cancel to save them.

  • Removing synced photos: The Trash icon appears only in the Saved Photos or Camera Roll album. That’s because the other pictures on your iPad — those that you synced through your Mac or PC — must be deleted from the photo album on your computer first. Then when you resync those albums, the photos are no longer on your iPad.