Creating Art on Your iPad 2 with the ArtRage App - dummies

Creating Art on Your iPad 2 with the ArtRage App

ArtRage, by Ambient Design Ltd., is an app you can buy and use on your iPad 2. It lets you use your fingers to manipulate various artist’s tools, photos, and backgrounds to create digital works of art.

If you dabble in mixed media artwork, it is great fun to work with ArtRage. Just pick your weapon (that is, your brush, crayon, paint roller, pastel chalk, or whatever) and use your finger to draw, paint, airbrush and otherwise do the digital equivalent of finger painting.

The color wheel lets you choose any color you can imagine by tapping on it; then you can use the different tools to create your art using those colors. Once you’re satisfied with your masterpiece, you can save it in your ArtRage gallery, and then save it to a photo album, print it, or send it via e-mail.

There are settings for how hard you have to press the screen to make your mark, how blending works, and even the texture of your canvas from smooth to crumpled or even foil.

You can change orientation of the piece as well, and even set the texture of paint you’re laying down (a thick gloss to thin and dry on the brush, for example).

One very cool feature is the ability to grab items from your iPad 2 Photos Camera Roll and insert the pictures in your artwork. Imagine the possibilities using other apps both preinstalled on iPad or purchased from the App Store. For example, by using Photo Booth to take a picture of yourself with an odd effect applied, and then inserting it on a tinfoil canvas and brushing on a bit of color, you can create the weird and wonderful piece of art you see here.