Creating a Fit Page View Shortcut in iBooks Author - dummies

Creating a Fit Page View Shortcut in iBooks Author

By Galen Gruman

Managing views and layouts is easy in iBooks Author. Unfortunately, each time you switch to a different layout, iBooks Author resets the view to Actual Size instead of remembering your last setting, so on a small screen, you may find yourself using the Fit Page zoom option a lot — and wish it had a keyboard shortcut. Fortunately, Mac OS X Lion lets you create your own shortcuts.

A handy control for viewing layouts and pages, especially on smaller screens, such as on a MacBook Air, is the Zoom menu. Choose View→Zoom, and then choose one of the submenu options:

  • Zoom In (or, rather than use the menu, press Shift+Command+. [period])

  • Zoom Out (or press Shift+Command+, [comma])

  • Actual Size

  • Fit Width

  • Fit Page

Fit Width makes sure the full layout width is visible onscreen, but some of the page depth could be cut off and require scrolling to see; Fit Page shows the entire layout. To make it your default view, just follow these steps:

  1. In the Keyboard system preference’s Keyboard Shortcuts pane, select the Applications Shortcut option in the left pane and then click the + (plus sign) icon button.


    A settings sheet appears with the Application pop-up menu, the Menu Title field, and the Keyboard Shortcut field.

    If you’re new to Mac OS X, you go to a system preference by choosing app→System Preferences to open the System Preferences application, and then click the icon for the specific system preference you want to open.

  2. In the Application pop-up menu, choose iBooks Author.

  3. In the Menu Title field, enter Fit Page.


  4. In the Keyboard Shortcut field, enter your desired shortcut.

  5. Click Add to save the shortcut and close the settings sheet.

  6. Close the Systems Preferences application.

    When you return to working in iBooks Author, it now has that new shortcut available.