Create Your First iPad Keynote Slide and Add and Format Text - dummies

Create Your First iPad Keynote Slide and Add and Format Text

The templates in all iWork apps on your iPad provide you with useful starting points. In Keynote, you’re almost certain to find prebuilt slides you can use, and then it’s only a matter of organizing your own data.

  1. To begin a new presentation, tap Keynote on the Home screen.

  2. On the Presentations screen, tap the plus sign (+) to create your new presentation from a template or from another presentation.

  3. Tap the Standard or Wide tab, depending on the appropriate scale of slides for your presentation, and then tap a theme to use it on your new presentation.

    A new presentation based on that theme opens.

  4. Double-tap a text placeholder on the slide to edit it.

    The text placeholder opens for editing, and the onscreen keyboard appears.

  5. Enter any text you want and then tap the slide itself or the Hide Keyboard key to close the keyboard when you’re done.

With Keynote — perhaps more than with the other iWork apps — it’s more fill-in-the-blanks than fuss around with formatting. You can get right to work. The font is determined by the theme you choose, but you can modify its size and add effects such as bold and italic. Here’s how:

  1. Double-tap text to select the type you want to change.

  2. Tap the Format button, and from the various tabs of the Format popover, choose a text style option (Title or Subtitle, for example) and tap any of the formatting choices (Bold, Italic, Underline, or Strikethrough) to apply them to the selected text.

  3. Tap anywhere else on the screen to hide the Format popover.