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Consider iPad 2 Accessories

Apple offers accessories for the iPad 2 that you might want to buy when you purchase your iPad. Many iPad accessories make your iPad experience easier and more enjoyable.

  • iPad Case/Smart Cover: Your iPad isn’t cheap and, unlike a laptop computer, it has an exposed screen that can be damaged if you drop or scratch it. Investing in the iPad Case or Smart Cover (note that the Smart Cover works only with iPad 2) is a good idea if you intend to take your iPad out of your house — or if you have a cat or grandchildren.

    The iPad Smart Cover costs about $40 for polyurethane and $70 for leather, and other cases vary in price depending on design and material.


  • iPad Camera Connection Kit: Because there’s no USB port on an iPad, you can’t use a USB connection to upload photos from your digital camera to your iPad. If you want to send digital photos directly to your iPad, you can use this handy kit. It will set you back about $30 for the privilege.

  • iPad Dock: The iPad is light and thin, which is great, but holding it all the time can get tedious. The iPad Dock lets you prop up the device so that you can view it hands-free and then charge the battery and sync to your computer. At about $30, it’s a good investment for ease and comfort.

  • iPad Keyboard Dock: The iPad provides an onscreen keyboard that’s passable, especially if you position it to view material in landscape orientation (with the long side across the top).

    However, if you’re a touch typist who wants to write long notes or e-mails, or if you have larger hands and have trouble pressing the virtual keys on the screen, the iPad Keyboard Dock or a wireless keyboard might be the answer. The iPad Keyboard Dock and Apple Wireless Keyboard both cost about $70.

  • iPad 10W USB Power Adapter: This accessory is similar to the 10W USB Power Adapter that ships with the iPad. However, the power adapter makes charging easier if you need to place your iPad a bit farther from a power outlet, because this adapter sports a 6-foot-long cord.

  • Apple Digital AV Adapter: To make use of a technology called Thunderbolt that allows you to connect devices to output high definition media, you can buy this adapter.


  • Apple Component AV Cable: This accessory sells for about $40 and lets you connect your iPad 2 to a TV or stereo system.

  • Printers: Apple has teamed with Hewlett-Packard (HP) to produce several printers that work with iPad’s native printing capability to handle wireless printing. These printers range from about $100 to about $250, and you can browse all models at the online Apple Store.

Several companies are already producing iPad accessories such as cases, and more will undoubtedly pop up, so feel free to search for different items and prices.

Don’t bother buying a wireless mouse to connect with your iPad via Bluetooth — the iPad recognizes your finger as its primary input device, and mice need not apply.