Common Siri Controls for Using the iPad at Work

By Galen Gruman

Part of iPad at Work For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When using your iPad at work, Siri is remarkably adept at figuring out your questions and then performing your requested action or doing a web search. Siri recognizes hundreds of phrases, but here are the key ones you can use to control the iPad itself.

Siri requires a live Internet connection to operate.

Command Action Taken
Play song/album/artist Plays the requested music. Optional: Add “shuffled”
to the phrase to shuffle the music.
Open app name Opens the requested app.
Search the App Store for app name Opens the App Store and searches for the requested app.
Take dictation Creates a note in the Notes app using the text you speak.
Show yesterday’s/tomorrow’s/today’s events,
show next week’s events, show last week’s events, and
so on
Displays the calendar entries for the specified period.
Set an appointment with name at date/time Creates an appointment in Calendar as specified.
Text name Sends a text via iMessage to the person indicated, with the
text you then speak.
Email name Creates an email addressed to the indicated person, using the
text you then speak.
FaceTime name Initiates a FaceTime conference with the person.
Check my calendar for name/event/location Search the Calendar app for appointments containing the name,
event, or location.
Look up name Searches the Contacts app for the person and presents all
addresses and numbers.
Set brightness to maximum/minimum Adjusts the screen brightness as indicated.
Make the screen brighter/dimmer Adjusts the screen brightness as indicated.
Do not disturb/turn off Do Not Disturb Turns on/off Do Not Disturb mode.
Airplane mode Turns on Airplane Mode. Note: Siri does
not work in Airplane Mode, so you must disable that mode using the
Control Center or Settings app.
Turn on/off Wi-Fi/cellular data Turns Wi-Fi or cellular data on or off. Note:
Siri does not work without an Internet connection, so you
may have to turn Wi-Fi or cellular data on in the Settings app to
continue to work with Siri.