How to Combine HomeKit Accessories into Scenes on Your iPad - dummies

How to Combine HomeKit Accessories into Scenes on Your iPad

By Jesse Feiler

On your iPad, you can combine HomeKit accessories into scenes. A scene can consist of accessories in several rooms. You do this because you want HomeKit to manage them together. Which brings you to automation.

You use Home to automate your accessories and scenes. You can set up an automation to turn the hall light on at a certain time (or at sunset) and off at another time (perhaps at sunrise when it’s no longer needed). Alternatively, you can create a scene with the upstairs hall light accessory and the dining room window shades so that at 7PM, the hall light goes on and the shades are drawn for the evening.

HomeKit automation can build on accessories (individual light bulbs, for example), rooms (groups of accessories in a room), and scenes (groups of accessories in various rooms).

Even though you use automation a lot with HomeKit, keep in mind that with Home you can always tap a scene or accessory to turn it on or off.

As you set up HomeKit, you may have to work a bit out of sequence. You need to connect the accessories before you can combine them into scenes or place them into rooms. However, it may be easier for you to set up your rooms (or at least name them), connect the accessories, and then come back to place them into rooms.