Change the Type Size, Font, and Page Color of iBooks on Your iPad - dummies

Change the Type Size, Font, and Page Color of iBooks on Your iPad

By Bob LeVitus, Edward C. Baig, Bryan Chaffin

If you’re reading on your iPad, and you want to change the way a page looks, begin by tapping the Aa icon at the top right of the screen. You can then change the following:

  • Typeface size: Tap the uppercase A or the lowercase a to make the text larger or smaller, respectively.
  • Font: Tap Fonts, and then tap the font style you want to switch to. Your choices at this time are Athelas, Charter, Georgia, Iowan, Palatino, San Francisco, Seravek, and Times New Roman. We don’t necessarily expect you to know what these look like just by the font names — fortunately, you can examine the change right before your eyes. A check mark indicates the currently selected font style.
  • Scrolling: If you prefer to scroll up or down to move from page to page, flip the Scrolling View switch.
  • Page color: Tap White (the default), Sepia, Gray, or Night. You can also flip an Auto-Night Theme switch to have the iPad automatically choose the Night theme when you’re reading in the wee hours without the lights on.
  • Brightness: And speaking of light, you can raise or lower the brightness of the screen as you read by dragging the slider.