Calculating Capacity for Your iPad - dummies

By Jesse Feiler

One of the few complaints that users have is related to the iPad’s capacity and its ability to do all of the wonderful things it is intended to do. So how much capacity is enough for your iPad? Here are a few tips:

  • If you like lots of media, such as movies or TV shows, and you want to store them on your iPad (rather than access them online on sites such as Hulu or Netflix), you need a lot of built-in memory. If you’re just checking email and browsing the web, you generally need less memory; the minimum configuration is probably okay for you.
  • Ask friends who are using an iPad how much memory they have and how much they think they need. Choose friends who do the same sorts of things you do. (To find memory usage, go to Settings and tap About. You’ll see the numbers for capacity and available usage. Don’t think that you can use all the available memory. Once you start using all your memory, performance can be degraded. There are no hard-and-fast guides to the amount of available memory you should have but just be aware that some of your memory is needed for the iPad itself.
  • If you have an iPhone, use it as a guide. Look at how much memory you’re using on your phone, and think about what you’ll do on your iPad.