Calculate Loans on Your iPad with the PowerOne Financial Calculator App - dummies

Calculate Loans on Your iPad with the PowerOne Financial Calculator App

The PowerOne Financial Calculator does super-complex finance-related calculations for you, like mortgages and auto loans, on your iPad, but with the included templates, you don’t have to really know what you’re doing to get the right answers for a lot of things.

For instance, when you’re shopping for a car, it’s sometimes hard to get a straight answer out of the salesperson regarding how much your car is going to cost. Many dealerships like to try to sell you a car based on the car payment, and that can make it hard to understand how much you’re really paying.

At the same time, if you’re price-shopping for a car and know the total price, you do still need to know what your monthly payment is going to be. PowerOne has a template called Auto Loan that will get you the information you need. You enter the price, sales tax, any fees you might need to pay, the interest rate on your loan, down payment, and the number of months you intend to carry the loan, and you can get your monthly payment with a simple tap.


But this app isn’t just about car loans. There are more than fifty templates included in this app, some for traders, some for accountants, some for super math people, and some that are for us mere mortals. There’s also a currency converter that uses the most recent exchange rates (if you have a connection to the Internet when you use it). There’s a depreciation template, an inflation calculator, several loan-related calculations, mortgage tools, a sales-tax template, and much more. There’s even a tip calculator that will divide your bill among multiple people.

There is, of course, a standard calculator in this app. Just choose the Calculator template to get a calculator with both math and trig functions, as well as a history. You can tap away on this like you would any calculator.