Bookmarks in Maps on the iPad - dummies

Bookmarks in Maps on the iPad

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

Bookmarks in the Maps application work like bookmarks in Safari on your iPad. When you have a location you want to save as a bookmark so that you can reuse it later without typing a single character, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the little i in a blue circle to the right of the location’s name or description.

    The Info screen for that location appears (refer to the figure).

  2. Tap the Add to Bookmarks button.

    You may have to scroll down the Info screen to see the Add to Bookmarks button.

After you add a bookmark, you can recall it at any time. To do so, tap the Bookmarks icon, tap the Bookmarks button at the bottom of the overlay, and then tap the bookmark name to see it on a map.

The first things you should bookmark are your home and work addresses and your zip codes. These are things you use all the time with Maps, so you might as well bookmark them now to avoid typing them over and over.

Use zip code bookmarks to find nearby businesses. Choose the zip code bookmark, and then type what you’re looking for, such as 78729 pizza, 60645 gas station, or 90201 Starbucks.

You can also drop a pin anywhere on the map. A pin is similar to a bookmark but is often handier than a bookmark because you can drop it by hand. Why? If you don’t know the exact address or zip code for a location but can point it out on a map, you can drop a pin (but you couldn’t create a bookmark). You drop a pin as follows:

  1. Tap the curling page in the lower-right corner.

  2. Tap the Drop Pin button (refer to the figure).


    A pin drops on-screen, and you see the words Tap and Hold Anywhere to Drop a Pin with a little i in a blue circle after it.

  3. Tap and hold on the location you want to mark with a pin.

  4. Tap the little i.

    The Dropped Pin overlay appears, where you can fill in some details about the pin and take similar actions to those that appear in the screen shown.


To manage your bookmarks, tap the Edit button in the upper-left corner of the Bookmarks overlay. Then:

  • To move a bookmark up or down in the Bookmarks list: Drag the little icon with three gray bars that appears to the right of the bookmark upward to move the bookmark higher in the list or downward to move the bookmark lower in the list.

  • To delete a bookmark from the Bookmarks list: Tap the – sign in a red circle to the left of the bookmark’s name and then tap the red Delete button.

When you’re finished using bookmarks, tap anywhere outside the overlay to return to the map.