Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcuts for Using the iPad at Work - dummies

Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcuts for Using the iPad at Work

By Galen Gruman

Part of iPad at Work For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you use a Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad at work, not only do you get to see your entire screen while you are typing (because the onscreen keyboard won’t display), you also get some computer-like shortcuts to use.

Bluetooth keyboards designed for the iPad typically have a Home button that acts like the iPad’s own Home button, as well as a Search button that opens the Spotlight search facility. Also note that a keyboard may have the Mac’s ⌘ key or (less likely) the PC’s Ctrl key; they do the same thing. Likewise, a keyboard may have the Mac’s option key or the PC’s Alt key; again, they do the same thing.

Shortcut Action
Shift + arrow Selects the text, just as a computer does when you Shift+select
Option + arrow Moves through the document one paragraph at a time (for up and
down arrows) or one word at a time (for left and right arrows)
⌘ + C Copies the selected content.
⌘ + V Pastes the selected content.
⌘ + X Cuts the selected content.
⌘ + B Boldfaces text.
⌘ + I Italicizes text.
⌘ + U Underlines text.
⌘ + A Selects all.
⌘ + Z Undoes the last action.
Option+key Inserts a special symbol, such as Option+G to insert © or
Option+$ to insert ¢. Accented characters are inserted by
pressing Option+key, releasing the keys, and then pressing the key
for the letter to accent, such as Option+E e to insert é.
Note: Some symbols are inserted by pressing
Option+Shift+key. These special symbols and accents use the same
shortcut as they do on a Mac.
Shift + ⌘ + Z Redoes the last action.
Fn + key Controls the iPad’s screen brightness or volume, controls
music or video playback, shows/hides the onscreen keyboard, or
locks/unlocks the screen, depending on what key in the numeric row
of the keyboard is also pressed. (Look for the symbols on those
keys.) This is similar to the use of the Fn key on a Mac’s