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Basics of the iPad mini’s Location Services

By using the onboard Maps or Camera apps (or any number of third-party apps), the iPad mini makes good use of knowing where you are. The iPad minis with 3G or 4G exploit built-in GPS. The Wi-Fi–only iPad mini can find your general whereabouts (by triangulating signals from Wi-Fi base stations and cellular towers).

If that statement creeps you out a little, don’t fret. To protect your right to privacy, individual apps pop up quick messages (similar to the warning presented by Google Maps) asking whether you want them to use your current location.

But you can also turn off Location Services in Settings: Tap Privacy and then tap Locations Services to turn the setting off. Not only is your privacy shielded, but you also keep your iPad battery juiced a little longer.

While visiting the Privacy setting, you may want to consult the Privacy listings for individual apps on your iPad — Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Photos, Bluetooth Sharing, and the Microphone. If any third-party apps request access to these apps, they show up here.

From time to time on the iPad, you can land in the same destination multiple ways, so you can access the same Privacy settings via the Restrictions settings.