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Basics of the iPad mini’s Date and Time Feature

The iPad mini allows you to display time in one of two ways, depending on your preference. In some places, the time is reported as 11:32 p.m. (or whatever time it happens to be). But in some circles, it’s reported as 23:32. If you prefer the latter format on the iPad mini’s status bar, tap the 24-Hour Time setting (under Date & Time) so that it’s on.

This setting is just one that you can adjust under Date & Time. You can also have the iPad set the time in your time zone. Here’s how:

  1. Tap Date & Time.

    You see fields for setting the time zone and the date and time.

  2. Tap the Time Zone field and make sure Set Automatically is turned off.

    The current time zone and virtual keyboard are shown.

  3. Tap X to remove the city currently shown in the Time Zone field, and tap the letters of the city or country whose time zone you want to enter until the one you have in mind appears. Then tap the name of that city or country.

    The Time Zone field is automatically filled in for that city.

  4. Tap the Set Date & Time field so that the time is shown; then roll the carousel controls until the proper time displays.

  5. Roll the carousel controls to choose the proper month, day, and year until the correct date appears.

  6. Tap General to return to the main Date & Time settings screen.

You can also dispense with these settings and just have the iPad set the time automatically, based on its knowledge of where you happen to be: Just make sure the Set Automatically option is set to On.