Basics of 3 Lock Features on the iPad mini - dummies

Basics of 3 Lock Features on the iPad mini

Security isn’t something most people want to mess with when it comes to devices like an iPad mini. Luckily, there are three locking mechanisms included that help beef up the security.

How to use Auto-Lock on the iPad mini

Tap Auto-Lock in the General settings pane, and you can set the amount of time that elapses before the iPad automatically locks or turns off the display. Your choices are 15 minutes before, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, or 2 minutes. Or you can set it so that the iPad never locks automatically.

If you work for a company that insists on a passcode, the Never Auto-Lock option isn’t in the list that your iPad shows you.

Don’t worry about whether the iPad is locked. You can still receive notification alerts and adjust the volume.

Basics of the Passcode Lock on the iPad mini

If you want to prevent others from using your mini, you can set a passcode by tapping Passcode Lock and then tapping Turn Passcode On. By default, you use the virtual keypad to enter and confirm a four-digit passcode.

If you’d prefer a longer, stronger passcode, tap the Simple Passcode switch to turn it off. Now provide your current passcode, and then enter and confirm your new passcode, which can be almost any combination of the letters, numbers, and symbols that are available on the standard virtual keyboard.

You can also determine whether a passcode is required immediately, after 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 4 hours. Shorter times are more secure, of course. On the topic of security, the iPad can be set to automatically erase your data if someone makes ten failed passcode attempts.

You can also change the passcode or turn it off later (unless your employer dictates otherwise), but you need to know the present passcode to apply any changes. If you forget the passcode, you have to restore the iPad software.

How to use Cover Lock/Unlock on the iPad mini

You have the choice to automatically lock and unlock your iPad when you close and open the clever iPad mini Smart Cover, Apple’s Smart Case, or some other covers. If you set a passcode, you still have to enter it to wake the iPad from siesta-land.