Basic Video Editing on Your iPad 2 with the iMovie App - dummies

Basic Video Editing on Your iPad 2 with the iMovie App

The iMovie app has been supplied with Mac computers for several years, and now a version is available for the iPad. After you capture a video with your iPad 2, you can use iMovie to edit it. This article gives you a brief overview of what you can do with iMovie.

This one will cost you some cash: Start by purchasing iMovie from the App Store. (It currently costs $4.99.)

  1. Tap the iMovie app icon on the Home screen.


    iMovie opens.

  2. On the screen that appears, tap the New button.


    A new movie project opens. Any videos you’ve taken are displayed as thumbnails in the top-left corner of the screen.

  3. Double-tap a video to open it.


    If you want to create a slideshow with still photos rather than video, tap the Camera button and your stored photos are listed instead. To undo any action, tap the Undo button.

  4. Tap the storyboard to scroll through your video frames.

    Wherever the red line sits is where your next action, such as playing the video or adding a transition, begins.

  5. To add one video to the end of another, double-tap another clip in the list of media.

    The clip appears to the right of the first one in the storyboard.

  6. If you want to add music to your videos, tap the Music button and tap a music option.

    The option of sound effects, music in your iPod library, or theme music becomes available. You can also drag the item to the timeline to make it a background track or associate it with a specific clip.

    You can tap the Settings button to open a menu that lets you adjust settings for playing theme music, looping the music to play continuously, and using a special effect to fade your movie in or out at the beginning and end.

  7. To record an audio narration, scroll to the point in the movie where you want it to be heard and then

    1. Tap the Microphone button.

    2. Tap the Record button, wait for the countdown to complete, and then record.

    3. When you’re done recording, tap Stop.


    4. Tap Review to hear your recording or Discard or Retake if you’re not completely happy with it. Click Accept to save the recording when you’re done.


You can do more things with iMovie, such as add transitions between clips or rearrange and cut segments out of clips. Play around with the app to see the possibilities.