How to Adjust a Scene in HomeKit on Your iPad - dummies

How to Adjust a Scene in HomeKit on Your iPad

By Jesse Feiler

Using HomeKit on your iPad is simple. You can add and adjust scenes and accessories so that you have maximum control over your home. Adjusting a scene is much like adjusting an accessory in HomeKit. You start by locating the scene — it may be in a room where it is used, or it may be on your Home screen.


  1. Touch and hold the scene.

    You’ll see the scene name and image if you’ve provided one as well as a Details button.

  2. Tap details. You’ll see the details shown here.


  3. Edit the name if you want (as soon as you tap in the name field, the keyboard appears).
  4. Touch and hold an accessory to edit it. (The most common settings for an accessory are brightness and color for bulbs.)
  5. When you’ve finished adjusting your accessories, swipe down to the bottom to test your scene.


  6. Tap Done in the top right.