How to Add a Scene in HomeKit on Your iPad - dummies

How to Add a Scene in HomeKit on Your iPad

By Jesse Feiler

In HomeKit, Scenes are collections of accessories. You may want to group accessories into rooms on your iPad (that’s not HomeKit-speak: It’s normal English). But you also may want to group accessories into scenes that may or may not be confined to a room. For example, you can create a Go To Bed scene that turns on bedside lights, turns off the switch for a fan in the living room, and locks the outside door. Some advice: start with just one or two accessories and one or two rooms or scenes.

If you tap Add Scene, you’ll be able to choose an existing scene or create a custom scene.


It’s easy to create and modify scenes and you don’t have to get on ladders to “move” things around. Remember that falls are one of the major risks for everyone and particularly for seniors, so being able to set up and rearrange your home with your iPad when you’ve got both feet on the floor is a bonus.

If you choose Custom, you’ll be able to name the new scene.


You may want to make the names for your scenes distinct from other names. Nothing prevents you from naming the bulb in a lamp Living Room, but you’ll soon run into conflicts when you try to name the room Living Room. And if you decide to create a Living Room Scene, you’ll have a conflict if you just try to name it Living Room. The purpose of HomeKit and home automation in general is to make your life easier, and not to give you something else to annoy you.

In addition to naming the scene, you can tap Add Accessories to do just that.