Add Highlights and Notes to Your iBooks on the iPad - dummies

Add Highlights and Notes to Your iBooks on the iPad

You can highlight specific words or passages within a page in an iBook on your iPad. The iBooks app also enables you to add your own annotations or comments, which is handy for school assignments.

Here’s how to do both:

  1. Press and hold your finger down against any text on a page. Then lift your finger to summon the Highlight and Note buttons.

    These two buttons appear side by side, sandwiched along with Define and Search buttons.

    You see grab points along the highlighted word.

  2. (Optional) Refine the highlighted section by expanding the grab points.

  3. Choose a button to add a highlight or note:

    • When you tap the Highlight button, the word or passage you selected is highlighted in color. You can later read the highlight by returning to the Table of Contents page in the same way that you find a bookmark.

    • Tap Note, and a Post-it–like note appears on the screen. Using the virtual keyboard, type your note.

After you add a highlight or note, the following tips are handy to know:

  • Remove a highlight or note. Tap the highlighted text or note, and on the toolbar that appears, tap the circle icon with a red line running diagonally inside. Alternatively, from the Highlights & Notes section under the Bookmarks list, swipe your finger in either direction along an entry and tap the red Delete button that appears.

  • Change the highlighted color of a highlight or note. You can change the color from the default yellow to green, blue, pink, or purple. Touch the highlighted selection for a moment and lift your finger. From the toolbar, tap the icon with the color that you prefer.

  • Share or print notes. From the Table of Contents page, in the upper-right corner of the screen, tap the Action icon (it looks like an arrow trying to escape a rectangle). Tap Email to e-mail your notes, or tap Print to print them (provided you have a compatible printer).

    You also have options to share via Message, or post on Twitter, Facebook, or the Chinese social network (if a Chinese keyboard is enabled) Sina Weibo.