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6 Productive Business Apps for Your iPad

By Nancy C. Muir

There are some great business-oriented apps out there for your iPad, and this list tells you the qualities that make the app stand out and describes what you can do with it.

OmniGraffle 2


OmniGraffle 2 (by The Omni Group) is worth the cost if you need to make flowcharts or diagrams. The app is as intuitive as the apps in Apple’s iWork suite, and it’s a breeze to work with. OmniGraffle comes with a wide array of customizable tools that let you make anything from basic flowcharts to complex drawings. Anyone who considers flowcharts, process charts, floor plans, diagrams, and other types of charts important will find that OmniGraffle on the iPad makes them rethink what they can do on a tablet device.

iThoughts (mindmap)


Mind mapping involves using a diagram to show the structure of an idea or plan and highlighting the relationships between different aspects of them. The dedicated iThoughts mind-mapping app (by toketaWare) has easy-to-use tools for quickly developing your own maps. The latest version of this app has improvements to working with character languages such as Chinese.

iAnnotate PDF


If you need to annotate PDF files on your iPad, the iAnnotate PDF app (by Branchfire, Inc.) is for you. It lets you quickly and easily highlight text, add notes, draw lines, strike out or underline text, and even doodle in the margins. This app supports AirPrint, so you can print what you mark up.

PowerME HD


If you manage projects, consider buying the PowerME HD app (by Apptime, LLC). This handy app helps you organize your workflow, collaborate with team members, and sync all your plans in the cloud. Create and manage projects, juggle deadlines, and organize tasks in your PowerME inbox. The latest version added integration with Google Docs and Dropbox, as well as the ability to record and play back movies.



If your company has made iPad a standard, Agendas (by Jennifer Landefeld) will ratchet up your next meeting experience. All iPad users on a single network can not only create and send agendas to each other but also, as the meeting progresses, post questions that others can vote on to push the question most people have in mind to the top of the list. The person running the meeting can create polls on the fly, with everybody in the meeting responding and responses being automatically tallied.

Prompster Pro and Teleprompt+3 for iPad

$9.99 and $24.99

Your iPad can serve as a portable teleprompter, useful for giving speeches and other presentations. Prompster Pro (by Paragoni, LLC) lets you record your speech on your iPad as you’re giving it, and it has great onscreen controls. Teleprompt+ 3 (by Bombing Brain Interactive) has more and better options for iCloud support and controlling your speech, including a recorder function.