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5 Must Have Apps for the iPad mini

A killer app refers to an application so sweet or so useful that everybody wants it. Here are five killer apps for the iPad mini.

TripCase app for the iPad mini

Merely forward your confirmation e-mails — for flights, hotels, rental cars, and other travel-related services — to trips@tripcase.com. TripCase parses the details, creates an itinerary, and sends an e-mail to confirm that your trip is ready to view in TripCase. After TripCase has your info, you can view it in the TripCase app or in any web browser.

The app is well organized, with a timeline view of the itinerary and details are but a tap away.

NFL Mobile app for the iPad mini

You can watch game highlights or check out other featured videos organized under themes like Top 5 Catches, Drive Of The Week, and Can’t-Miss Plays. You can also listen to audio broadcasts of games (in English or Spanish).

You can exchange tickets, purchase team apparel, or buy other NFL paraphernalia — hey, in case you haven’t noticed, football is big business. During an actual game, you can chart the action inside an animated graphic of an NFL stadium. Though the app is free, Verizon customers shell out $5 a month for more.

Comics app for the iPad mini

The free Comics app gives you access to hundreds of free comics, or you can use the built-in store to purchase comics, usually 99 cents to $2.99 per issue. New releases are available every Wednesday. This app can read only comics — free or paid — from the app’s built-in store.

Although the store offers tens of thousands of titles by hundreds of publishers, his point is that you can’t use this excellent app to read comics acquired elsewhere or scanned at home.

Epicurious recipes & shopping list app for the iPad mini

Epicurious lives up to its billing as the “cook’s companion.” You can find a yummy recipe in no time. If you tap Search inside the Control Panel instead, you can fine-tune your search for a recipe by food or drink, by main ingredient (banana, chicken, pasta), by cuisine type, and by dietary consideration (low-carb, vegan, kosher, and so on), among other parameters.

When you discover a recipe you like, you can add it to a collection of favorites, e-mail it to a friend, pass along the ingredients to your shopping list, summon nutritional information, or share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Evernote app for the iPad mini

Take a quick look at the problem Evernote resolves: Storing little bits of digital information — text, pictures, screen shots, scanned images, receipts, bills, e-mail messages, web pages, and other info you might want to recall someday — and synchronizing all the data among all your devices and the cloud. Evernote lets you create notes of any length on your iPad

Our two favorite features are that Evernote syncs notes with all your devices and the cloud automatically and that everything we’ve mentioned so far — creating, organizing, and syncing notes — is free. Bob likes Evernote so much that he recently upgraded to the premium plan ($5/month or $45/year), primarily to increase his monthly upload limit from 60MB to 1GB and to get the capability to search for text in PDFs.