3 Movie Apps for the iPad mini - dummies

3 Movie Apps for the iPad mini

There are boat loads of apps you can install on your iPad mini about pretty much any topic that crosses your mind. If you are a movie buff, these three apps are must have apps!

Movies by Flixster app for the iPad mini

If you like movies, you’ll probably use the Flixster app a lot. Feed it your zip code, and then browse local theaters by movie, showtime, rating, or distance from your current location. Or browse to find a movie you like, and then tap to find theaters, showtimes, and other info.

Buy tickets to most movies from your iPad mini. Read reviews, play movie trailers, and e-mail movie listings to others with a single tap.

IMDb Movies & TV app for the iPad mini

This is the place to go for complete cast and crew listings, actor and filmmaker bios, plot summaries, movie trailers, critics’ reviews, user ratings, parental guidance, famous quotations, and all kinds of trivia.

You can always search for movies, TV shows, actors, and so on by typing a name in the search box in the upper-right corner of the screen. Or tap Browse at the lower left to find current movies by showtime, what’s coming soon, or box office results. You can browse TV recaps, too.

Netflix app for the iPad mini

From the iPad mini, you have more or less instant access to thousands of Netflix movies on demand. Although the app is free, as are the movies you choose to watch on the fly, you have to pay Netflix streaming subscription fees that start at $7.99 a month.

You also need an Internet connection, preferably through Wi-Fi, though Netflix works on cellular models as well. DVD Netflix subscribers might also quibble about the fact that you can’t manage your DVD queue inside the app.

Remember what we’ve told you about streaming movies over 3G or 4G, and be mindful of your data plan.