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10 Things for the iPad Wish List

It goes without saying that you’re probably quite fond of the iPad. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some features and improvements that would make it better.

  • Time Limits: As part of the Restrictions setting under General Settings, parents can prevent their kids from using certain apps or limit their access to explicit content or material they don’t deem suitable for their age. But Apple could go one step further, and add time limits to kids’ activities, both overall and for specific apps. That way mom or dad can say to Junior that yes you can use your iPad, but only 30 minutes or an hour, say, per day, or just 30 minutes for certain games, but longer if he is doing his homework.

  • Built-In Stand: Yeah, many accessory iPad covers include a stand that let you prop up the iPad for watching a movie or engaging in other activities. But other tablets have built-in stands.

  • Adobe Flash: The chances of this happening are slim and none especially now that Adobe itself has abandoned full support for Flash. But it’s hard not to come across web destinations that still require Flash.

  • USB connectivity: This one is also unlikely to happen. Anyone who has used the iPad has gotten by without a USB port, thank you very much. Still, the ability to watch movies stored on a USB hard drive would be nice.

  • SD card slot: Yes, Apple sells a camera accessory for adding an SD card slot. Still, the company could somehow fit an SD card slot in a design in the future without sacrificing too much thickness. Hey this is a wish list, not necessarily a reality check.

  • Touch ID: Apple has already added its fingerprint scanner to the iPhone 5s. The Touch ID feature on that smartphone lets folks use their fingers in lieu of a standard passcode. And they can use Touch ID to authenticate iTunes purchases. This feature most likely will come in the future iPad or iPad mini.

  • Live Tech Support: This is a clever feature on Amazon’s Fire HDX tablets. Amazon calls the feature Mayday, which offers access to a live tech support person who appears in a small video window, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • New colors: The iPad mini is available in Silver and Space Gray. Meanwhile the iPhone 5c comes in five different colors. So although you can dress up an iPad in numerous cases and covers, why not come up with tablets in even more designer colors?

  • Slo-mo video: Another feature that might be borrowed from the iPhone 5s. How about a camera that is capable of shooting slow-motion video? Heck, why not just have the same awesome camera and optics that are on the iPhone 5s?

  • Wireless charging: There will most likely be a when you plunk an iPad onto a charging pad, and voila you are juicing up the tablet. Of course, to enable such a feature, you’d probably have to produce a slightly thicker iPad.