What Actions Add CO2 to the Environment? - dummies

What Actions Add CO2 to the Environment?

By Woody Leonhard, Katherine Murray

Part of Green Home Computing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Reducing our carbon footprint by lowering CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions means being aware of what daily activities pollute the environment and making better choices to reduce the impact you have on the planet. You certainly can’t eliminate all the sources of CO2, (after all, you exhale carbon dioxide when you breathe!), but understanding where excess CO2 comes from can help you find ways to lower your carbon footprint. So, what’s adding CO2 to the air?

  • Driving your car

  • Taking a bus

  • Flying in a plane

  • Using your computer

  • Buying household supplies and food

  • Heating your home

  • Using electricity in your home

  • Using plastic bags or bottles