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Troubleshoot the “Other People Logged On” Error Message

By Dan Gookin

If you’re one of the smart folks who bothered to set up multiple accounts on a single PC (one for everyone!), you may have seen a shutdown error message indicating that other people are still logged on to the computer.

It’s a good message; nothing to panic over. It is really just a warning, not an error, and gives you the opportunity to stop the shutdown process so the other user can save files and log off.


Unless an emergency occurs, click the No button when you’re greeted by that message. That’s because the other person may have open, unsaved files. Only when you truly need to shut down or restart, such as during a power outage, should you click the Yes button.

After you click the No button, log out of your account to fix the problem: Use the login screen, which automatically shows up, to determine who else is logged in. Get that person to log out and save their stuff, and then shut down or restart the computer.

A variation on this warning message happens when others on the network are using your computer. The message might say something like, Others on the network are using this PC. In that case, it’s generally okay to proceed with the shutdown.