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Traveling with Your Laptop

Before you take your laptop anywhere, you should always prepare it for the journey. Whether you’re jetting across country or walking to the neighborhood coffee shop, there are some things you should consider doing before you toddle off with your laptop:

  • Charge the battery! This is probably something you want to do well in advance, such as the night before you leave on a trip.

  • If you’re lucky enough to have a spare battery, charge it as well.

  • Synchronize your laptop with your desktop.

  • Back up your important files. The easy way to do this, if your laptop has a CD-R/RW drive, is to drag a copy of the My Documents folder from the laptop’s hard drive to the CD-R/RW drive and then burn that disc. Keep the disc in a safe place (such as a fire safe).

  • Remove any CDs or DVDs from the drive. This avoids having the drive spin into action when you start up on battery power. It also helps to put that disc with your other discs so that you don’t forget about it or neglect it.

  • Go online and save a few Web pages to your hard drive for offline reading while you’re away.