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Thunderbolt Ports for Upgrading Your PC

By Mark L. Chambers

Thunderbolt is the the latest port on the block — and like the more common USB and FireWire, appearing first on Macs and then on PCs. Thunderbolt ports offer downright incredible transfer speeds: the newcomer is literally more than 12 times faster than FireWire 800, and twice as fast as USB 3.0 technology.

The downside? There are but two — Thunderbolt peripherals are some of the most expensive computer devices you can buy at the time of this writing, and very few consumer PCs offer a built-in Thunderbolt port (so you’ll almost certainly have to add a Thunderbolt port using an adapter card).

Ah, but Thunderbolt is also versatile — it even supports a direct high-definition connection between your PC and your HDMI flat-screen TV, or a superfast high-resolution Thunderbolt monitor. A single plug and play Thunderbolt port can handle up to six peripherals through daisy-chaining, including a mixture of high-resolution displays and devices like hard drives and Blu-Ray recorders.