Setting a Vacation Responder on Your Chromebook - dummies

Setting a Vacation Responder on Your Chromebook

By Mark LaFay

Part of Chromebook For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Whether you’re on vacation or just away from your desk, Chromebook allows you to create an auto responder that sends an automated response, written by you, to every email you receive. The automated response is usually just a note saying that you’re out right now, but that you’ll get in touch when you get back. Then, when you return to your desk, you can then get to the business of replying more formally to the emails you received while you were away.

To set up your vacation responder, follow these steps:

  1. Open Gmail.

  2. Click the Settings widget in the top-right corner of the window.

  3. In the Settings menu, click Settings.

    The Settings editor appears in the main email area.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of these settings to the Vacation Responder section and click the Vacation Responder On checkbox.

  5. Enter the date of the first day you want your responder to begin working.

  6. If you know the date of the last day you want your vacation responder to be working, enter it. Otherwise skip it.

    If you do not set a last day for your vacation responder, you must turn your vacation responder off manually. Otherwise Gmail will continue to automatically send replies to each email you receive.

  7. Enter the subject and body for your vacation responder email.

  8. Click Save Changes.

    Now anyone who sends you an email while you’re away will receive your auto response.