How to Rotate and Crop Images with Windows Photo Gallery - dummies

How to Rotate and Crop Images with Windows Photo Gallery

By Mark L. Chambers

After a scanned image is safely in your image editor (either Windows Photo Gallery or the editing software provided by your scanner’s manufacturer), you’re free to have fun — fixing problems big and small, removing portions of the image that you don’t want, or even zooming in to view and change individual pixels.

The two most common procedures required for most scanned images:

  • Rotation: An image that’s literally standing on end or displayed upside-down needs to be rotated (turned).

  • Cropping: An image with too much extraneous background needs to be cropped (trimmed). Cropping an image can significantly cut down its file size.

To rotate an image within Photo Gallery, follow these steps:

  1. Scan an image into Photo Gallery, or if the image already appears within Photo Gallery, click it to select it.

  2. Click the Rotate Clockwise or Rotate Counter-clockwise button in the Home tab’s Manage group.

    Photo Gallery rotates the entire photo in the desired direction by 90 degrees.

If you only to need to straighten a photo — not rotate it a full 90 degrees — use the Straighten feature of the Editing tab.

To crop a scanned image inside Photo Gallery, follow these steps:

  1. Double-click the desired thumbnail.

    Photo Gallery opens the image for editing and displays the Edit tab on the Ribbon.

  2. Click the Crop button within the Adjustments group.

    On your image, Photo Gallery displays a highlighted crop box. The edges of the box are marked with tiny boxes called handles. The area inside the box is the portion of the photo that will remain after the cropping is complete.

  3. Click and drag any handle to resize the crop box to the desired size.


  4. To select a specific proportion (like 16 x 9 for use in a widescreen slideshow), click the arrow below the Crop button to display the drop-down menu, and move your cursor over the Proportion item to select the desired ratio.

    To set your own proportions for the cropped image, opt for the Custom proportion.

  5. Click the arrow below the Crop button, and click Apply to remove everything outside the selection box.


Other simplified photo editing tools available on the Ribbon include Red Eye, Retouch, Straighten, Noise Reduction, Color, Exposure, and the Effects thumbnails. These are rudimentary tools, though. You’ll always have much more control and creativity in a beefy photo editing app like PaintShop Pro X5 or Photoshop.

If you make a mistake, you can always click the Undo button in the Quick Access bar (at the top-left corner of the Photo Gallery window) to cancel the last action you performed. To back out of all changes and revert the image to its pristine original form, click the Revert to Original button at the right side of the Ribbon.

To close the image when you’re finished with editing, click the Close File button — the thumbnails (and the original Ribbon) return.