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Round Up Clips and Images for Your Movie Maker Film

By Mark L. Chambers

Movie Maker might not directly import video clips from some camcorders! Instead, depending on the camcorder you’re using, you might need to run the software that came with your camcorder to import your video clips to your hard drive.

After you import your clips, however, Movie Maker does allow you to import digital photographs and use them anywhere you like within your movie — even directly from your scanner or your digital camera. Digital cameras that also take video might allow you to directly import video clips as well.

To import video clips or photos that are saved to your hard drive, follow these steps:

  1. Open an Explorer window.

  2. Navigate to the location of the video or photograph that you want to add.

  3. Drag it to the storyboard pane within the Movie Maker window.

To add video clips and photos from your hard drive via the Ribbon, click the Add Videos and Photos command button to display a standard Open dialog; select the desired items and then click Open.

Movie Maker supports a very wide range of common video, audio, and image formats — at the time of this writing, however, there’s no support for DivX video clips, and any media you add can’t be copy-protected with Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Video clips appear as a filmstrip, and photos appear as individual snapshots. (Movie Maker can produce slide show movies from photos, so it’s not necessary to add video to a project.)

Besides importing from your hard drive, here are other ways to import video and audio clips:

  • Download them. Any still images or and sample video clips you download from the web are suitable for use in Movie Maker (as long as they’re legal for you to use and the format is recognized by Movie Maker). Video clips with DRM protection can’t be used in Movie Maker.

  • Acquire clips and photos from your camcorder, scanner, or camera. If your camcorder, scanner, or digital camera is TWAIN compatible, O Happy Day!

    1. a.Connect your hardware.

    2. b.Click the blue File tab on the Ribbon.

    3. c.Click Import from Device and then click OK to import items to Photo Gallery.

      Movie Maker prompts you to select the image source from the available TWAIN-compatible hardware devices. Again, the process varies according to the hardware you’re using, but if you’re experienced with scanning or downloading images, you’re in familiar waters. After the photos and video clips have been imported into Photo Gallery, you can drag and drop them into Movie Maker, or use the Add Videos and Photos button on the Home tab.