Organize Your Photos in Windows Vista - dummies

Organize Your Photos in Windows Vista

By Andy Rathbone

Organize your photos in Windows Vista to make them easier to find later. To organize your photos, assign a key tag to each photo.

It’s tempting to create a folder called New Photos in your Pictures folder and start dumping new pictures into it. But when it comes time to relocating a particular photo, that system breaks down quickly. Vista’s importing tools do a fairly good job of naming each photo session after the date and the tag. These tips also help keep your pictures organized and easy to retrieve:

  • Assign a few key tags like Home, Travel, and Holidays to photos. Searching for those tags makes it easy to see all the pictures taken at your own house, while traveling, or during holiday events.

  • Windows assigns your chosen tag to each batch of photos you import. Spend a little time immediately afterward to assign more tags to each photo.

  • If digital photography turns into a hobby, consider buying one of many third-party photo programs like ThumbsPlus. They provide more photo-management and -editing features, improving on Windows Vista’s basic tools.