Make the Mouse Pointer More Visible in Windows PCs - dummies

Make the Mouse Pointer More Visible in Windows PCs

By Dan Gookin

Having trouble seeing the mouse pointer on your PC’s screen? The Pointer Options tab in the Mouse Properties dialog box in Windows contains a host of options to help you make the mouse pointer more visible. The options are clustered in the aptly named Visibility area. Here’s a quick review:

Pointer Trails: The Display Pointer Trails option “ghosts” the mouse pointer to form a cometlike tail wherever the mouse wanders. When activated, this feature makes it easy to follow the mouse pointer on the screen, but not necessarily easier to find the mouse pointer.

Show Location of Pointer When I Press the Ctrl Key: By activating this feature, you can quickly locate any errant mouse pointer by pressing either Control key on the keyboard.

Another option for making the mouse more visible is found on the Pointers tab of the Mouse Properties dialog box. The settings you make on the Pointers tab affect how the mouse pointer looks. You can choose a goofy animated pointer, if it pleases you, or for more visibility you can choose a larger mouse pointer or a set of large mouse pointers.


Windows doesn’t have just one mouse pointer; it has mouse pointers for specific things that Windows does, and things that you do with the mouse. The list is shown in the dialog box.

For example, Normal Select is the name of the standard mouse pointer. To choose a larger pointer image, double-click Normal Select in the scrolling list. Use the Browse dialog box that appears in order to choose a new, larger pointer. The Preview window in the lower-left corner of the Browse dialog box shows you the exact size of the new pointer you select; click the Open button to choose that pointer.

You can select a slew of pointers all at once by using the Scheme button menu. For example, you may find that the Windows Black (Extra Large) scheme works well for your eyeballs. If so, choose it from the list.

Click the Apply button to test your choices.

If you’re unhappy, choose the standard mouse pointer schemes from the Scheme button menu: In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, choose Windows Aero; in Windows XP, choose Windows Default.