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How to Unpack Your New Laptop Safely

You might think that unpacking the box that your laptop computer comes in is pretty straightforward — and you would be right. However, there are still some things you should keep in mind so that you don’t lose invoices or extra pieces, or even hurt the contents — or yourself!

  • Make sure you give yourself enough room to unpack. Clear out a space at least twice the size of the box.

  • If you see instructions on how to unpack the box, heed them, specifically labels like “Open other side” or “Remove first.”

  • Be sure to open and free the packing slip (if any) attached to the outside of the box. The slip contains the shipping invoice, which you should look over to confirm that what was shipped is exactly what you ordered. (Often, the invoice is inside the box instead.)

  • Don’t destroy the box to open it, and don’t throw anything away! If the laptop is a dud, you want to return everything in the original box.

  • Be sure to look for boxes within boxes. Also be on the lookout for things stuck in the sides or ends of the foam packing material.

  • Don’t fill out any warranty or registration cards until you’re certain that the laptop works.

  • Always open computer equipment boxes with your hands. Never use a box cutter because you could slice into something important.

  • Beware of those big, ugly staples often used to close cardboard boxes. They can go a-flyin’ when you rip things open, poking out eyeballs or just lying in wait on the floor for a bare foot to stomp on by.