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How to Troubleshoot Windows 7 Internet Connection Issues

By Dan Gookin

Windows 7 features a slew of troubleshooters and one of them just happens to be an Internet Connection troubleshooter. Many of the Windows 7 troubleshooters are very helpful. The Internet Connection one is more hit or miss. But, whether it actually helps or not, running the Windows 7 Internet Connection troubleshooter is worth a try. Obey these directions:

  1. Open the Control Panel.

  2. Beneath the System and Security heading, choose the link Find and Fix Problems.

    The Troubleshooting window appears.

  3. Beneath the Network and Internet heading, choose the link Connect to the Internet.

    Contrary to its name, clicking the link doesn’t connect you to the Internet. Instead, the Internet Connection troubleshooter starts.

  4. Click the Next button.

  5. Choose Troubleshoot My Connection to the Internet.

    The other option, Help Me Connect to a Specific web Page, is useful for when you have trouble accessing a web page.

  6. Continue to heed the directions and advice given by the troubleshooter.

  7. Click the Close button when you’re done.

For broadband Internet access, many of the connection problems are caused by your local network — the modem and router, specifically.