How to Transition to a Chromebook - dummies

How to Transition to a Chromebook

By Mark LaFay

Using the Chromebook is a unique experience when compared to other personal computers on the market. Here’s a look at how to set up your Chromebook and prepare you to transition to Chromebook from Windows or the Mac.

Transitioning from a computer that uses Mac OS X or Windows will require a few different steps that are outlined below. Some steps might require more detailed information:

  • Get a Google Account. Your Google Account will be the key to nearly everything you do on your Chromebook moving forward.

  • Move your files. Access your Chromebook hard drive, external storage, and Google Drive (which is where the bulk of your files will reside once you make the leap to Chromebook).

  • Use your Chrome bookmarks. If you’ve signed in while using the Chrome web browser on other devices, then your bookmarks, apps, and extensions will come with you to your new Chromebook!

  • Find new apps. Your Chromebook comes with several applications in your App Launcher by default. You can, however, add new apps by navigating to the Chrome Web Store and adding them to your menu. You can look at some of the existing apps on your Chromebook, as well as discover ways to locate and add new apps that are useful to you.