How to Stop a Windows Backup in Progress - dummies

By Dan Gookin

When the computer is backing up, it is hard (slow) to do anything else on the computer. If you must use the computer, you can stop the backup. The key to stopping a backup is to find the Stop Backup button.

In Windows 7, you find the Stop Backup button by clicking the View Details button in the Backup and Restore window while a backup is taking place. In the window that appears, you see a progress bar for the current backup as well as the Stop Backup button.

In Windows Vista, the Stop Backup button appears in either the Backup Status and Configuration window or the Backup and Restore Center window while a backup is taking place.

You’re asked to confirm that you want to stop the backup after you click the Stop Backup button.

  • There’s nothing wrong with stopping a backup; it doesn’t destroy any data that’s already on the backup hard drive. Stopping the backup does, however, prevent the backup program from making copies of all the files in need of backing up.

  • You can’t resume a stopped backup, but you can start a new backup when you are done using the computer.