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How to Skip E-mail Messages That Are Too Big

If you use a dialup modem, you probably don’t want to waste time downloading huge files. Some e-mail programs have a settings option that automatically manages e-mails with large attachments. For example, in Eudora, the message text is downloaded and the attachment isn’t; instead, you’re alerted to the presence of the large attachment and given the option to download it now or later.

In Microsoft Mail or Outlook Express, you must create a mail rule to specifically skip over messages of a certain size. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Choose Tools→Message Rules→Mail.


    A New Message Rule window appears.

  2. In Area 1, scroll through the list to find the option labeled Where the Message Size Is More Than Size; put a check mark in that box.

  3. In Area 3, click the word Size.

  4. Enter a size in kilobytes (K).

    For example, you can set the value at 200KB, which is big enough to allow for most photos, but not a song or a video clip.

  5. Click OK.

  6. In Area 2, choose the option labeled Do Not Download It from the Server.

  7. In Area 4, name the rule something descriptive, such as Skip 200K messages.

  8. Click OK to create the rule.

  9. Click OK to close the other dialog box.

The sad part about this approach is that you never know that any huge messages are pending for you. If you check your e-mail on a different computer or any e-mail system that lacks the “Skip 200KB messages” (or similar) rule, you discover and download the big messages. (Unlike Eudora, Outlook Express and Microsoft Mail do not let you know that the big message is pending and give you the option of downloading it.)