How to Set Up Your Console - dummies

How to Set Up Your Console

The console is the main computer box, the locus of all the PC’s activities, so you should set the console up first. Put your new console on the desktop or in the location where you you’ve always dreamed it would be. If you plan on putting the console beneath your desk, put it there now.

Don’t back the console up against the wall just yet. You need to start plugging things into the console’s back. Not until everything is connected to the console do you want to push it up against the wall. (Even then, leave some room so that you don’t crimp the cables.)

When you set up your console, keep these location words of wisdom in mind:

  • The console needs to breathe. Don’t set up the computer in a confined space where there’s no air circulation.

  • Avoid setting the console by a window where the sun will heat it up. Computers don’t like to operate in extreme heat — or cold, for that matter.

  • Don’t put the console in a cabinet unless the cabinet is well ventilated.

  • Computers by a window make a tempting target for a smash-and-grab thief, so think about putting your PC somewhere more out-of-sight.